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The Plant Fit Summit is happening on October 3 to 11, 2020 online. Join 38 global health experts as they talk about how to thrive in the new normal and get strategies as well as insights on health, fitness, and mindset. You can watch the sessions wherever you may be. This is the only chance that you can attend this event free of charge. Grab it now.


Visit this site to register, know why this summit is so urgent, and the resource persons who are medical practitioners, dietitians, coaches, athletes, and inspirations. You can watch 3 to 4 expert presentations each day starting at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. They will be available for 24 hours. When you register, your access link will be emailed before the summit starts. Here are some of the discussions you can look forward to.

Day 1

For the first day of the summit, you will hear about boosting your immunity and protecting your health. Some of the things you can learn are how to survive in a world full of uncertainty, especially with a pandemic; the link between what we eat and our immune system; a new look at Vitamin D; and what we can do to change the food system.

Day 2   


On day 2, the speakers will tell you how to enjoy new vitality by restoring your hormonal balance. Discussions will include eliminating hormone disruptors in food and life; how food impacts every cell; the little known things that affect hormones; and achieving hormonal health at whatever age.

Day 3

Master your mind – the key to achieving your goals is the theme on day 3. You will hear about achieving health goals; overcoming fear and finding your inner truth; how navy seals stay calm and in control under pressure; and steps to achieve peak performance in any areas of life.

Day 4


The 4th day will have focus on using nutrition and movement for abundant energy. The lessons for the day include plant-based nutrition for performance and fitness; keys to developing mental toughness; moving with purpose and building mental resilience; and avoiding pitfalls that might limit your performance and fitness on a plant-based diet.

Day 5

Learn how to overcome stress and inflammation for vibrant health. Topics on day 4 include why solving inflammation is crucial for health and immunity; reconnecting mind and body by using your breath; how to avoid inflammatory foods; and the true cost of our food choices.

Day 6

Discussion on the 5th day will focus on weight loss and diabetes. You will hear speakers talk about insulin resistance; steps to start radiating from the inside out; sustainable weight loss; and the cost of eating fish. A former crack addict and convicted felon turned ultramarathon athlete, explorer, and philanthropist will also speak on day 6.

Day 7

Know about the gut-brain connection on day 7. There will be a cooking demo on simple food for healing; talks about having healthy gut and life; everything you should know about dietary fats and Omega3s; and putting health on the menu.

Day 8

Listen to speakers talk about detox with simple hacks in your kitchen and life. Topics include cleaning up your life; simplifying and optimizing your nutrition; and slowing down to speed up. Also hear from an Iraq war veteran who is now a wild life conservationist.

Day 9

On the last day of the summit, the focus will be on the origins of cancer and what to do about it. Get information about what to do to protect ourselves from cancer; the link between our food and cancer risks; how food impacts health, gene expression, and cancer risks; and the need for a paradigm shift to feed the world without GMOs.


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